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It's time to let nicotine go for good, our Quit Coach is here to help you achieve this big step to, free you life. Choose when you want to stop and set an appointment. It take about 1.5 hour of you time only. 
USA Quit Smoking Program included

1- Consultation 
2- Personalize Coaching
3- (1) Laser ear detox treatment
4- Lobelia drops for relapse prevention and lungs detox
5- One Month Follow Up Warranty of free booster if and as needed

All included for $250.00
Call now (561) 601-2128

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Quit NICOTINE for LIFE.... 

Choose a Safe Solution with Superior Results. Laser Auriculo Therapy combine with our professional coaching that have been helping 1000's of former smoker to overcome this challenge, since 2005.


 USA Quit Smoking Clinic offer you the best Laser Auricular Therapy Program available to help you live your nicotine free life comfortably.  It doesn't matter if you vape, use tobacco products, nicotine patch, gum, snuff or chew we can help you to stop.

   We use the leading edge state-of-the-art soft laser technology that has same day results and a very high success rate compared to other smoking cessation methods. 


  All you need to get started, is to have a sincere desire to quit smoking. No body cant make you quit if you don't want too. Just choose your Quit Date and give us a call/text today at (561) 601-2128 and we will help you to transform your life.  


   In one treatment session, we will eliminate or significantly reduce your physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms normally associated with quitting smoking. 

   We begin all of our session by consulting with our clients to establish their smoker profile.  By understanding your personal quitting experiences, triggers and stress issues; we tailor our service specifically for your unique, individual needs.

  We then apply Laser Auriculotherapy to your ears. This painless procedure is typically a very pleasant and relaxing process for our clients. People enjoy how their body begins responding to the normalization of functions that have been disrupted by tobacco products for so long.  


   It is one thing to quit smoking and it is another thing completely to maintain quitting.  At USA Quit Smoking, in addition to the laser treatment, we provide personal coaching to teach you techniques to eliminate habits that can trigger relapse.

   Using nicotine in any form alters the way the brain makes you feel and respond to stress.  Quitting with laser therapy is your unique opportunity to reestablish a life without craving, almost instantly, by stopping or significantly reducing the craving cycle.

  Our laser therapy helps eliminate physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms such as: irritability, anxiousness, obsessiveness, depression, mouth fixation and insomnia.

  Psychological craving is a very important issue we also address and we provide you with tools to make your smoke free transition smoother and more manageable. 

 As a part of our comprehensive therapeutic approach, we offer a free, one month follow up warranty of laser therapy and/or coaching to support you in all your efforts to remain smoke free.

   This is a drug and nicotine free approach that can break the chains of addiction to nicotine without the need for anything else to replace it.  After your laser treatment and personal coaching, a life free of nicotine awaits you.  


   Invest in a better, healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones!   

 Take action now and transform your life today.  We are here to help you...


   Call us for an appointment 561-601-2128  You'll be happy you did!


Contact Us

We offer our service at the

North Palm Beach Clinic 
Lake Worth Clinic
Ft Lauderdale Clinic
Key West on appointment

or at the location of your choice we are mobile. Just let us know your preference when booking your appointment.

North Palm Beach clinic

784 US1 (Federal Highway)

Suite 3

North Palm Beach, FL 33460

Tel: (561) 601-2128

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