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Quit Smoking

 Q: How does the stop smoking treatment work?
     A: The laser we use is cold, low-intensity laser. It is non-invasive. There is no heat or pain associated with our treatment. We apply the laser to various body and auricular points. Focusing the laser beam on those areas causes the body to release natural chemicals called endorphins. It has a calming, relaxing effect on the body that helps to reduce nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. Some laser therapy clients report a very calm feeling following a smoking cessation treatment with the laser.

In addition to stimulating an endorphin release, the laser simulates the body's natural ability to detoxify helping the ex-smoker to get through the nicotine withdrawal more quickly.  We also help to suppress your appetite, which should last about 2 weeks so you should not gain too much weight while your metabolism is returning to its natural state.
 Q: How long does the treatment take?
     A: The procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete.  Previously, we conduct a consultation and use that information to personalize your treatment, so you should be in the office for about 1 hour and half.  Sometimes longer if we talk a lot.
 Q: How much does the quit smoking program cost?
     A: The cost of the treatment is $250.00 This price includes the consultation known as behavior modification therapy and free unlimited boosters within the first month after your treatment.
 Q: How many treatments will I need to quit smoking?
     A: Most people only need one treatment for the smoking cessation program, but we provide free boosters in case you need them, any time in the first month, just call for your free appointment.
 Q: Is the treatment guaranteed?
     A: Although we do not give a money back guarantee, our success rate is about 80%!  The treatment is designed to help physically cope with the urges and cravings for nicotine and foods.
 Q: Is laser therapy safe?
     A: Our laser therapy treatment is non-invasive, safe and painless. The treatment has no side-effects.
 Q: Is stop smoking treatment covered by medical insurance?
     A: The laser treatment is not covered by medical insurance. The cost of our treatment equals the average expense a smoker spends on cigarettes monthly. The cost of cigarette s are not covered by any insurance either.
 Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my successful treatment?
     A: Yes, show us your determination to quit smoking and we will provide you the solution that will change your life for the better.
 Q: Will I gain weight after I quit smoking?
     A: We will apply the laser to certain points to suppress your appetite so you should not gain too much weight while your metabolism is returning to its natural state.

On your part what you can do?

  • The only thing we ask you is to have the desire to quit nicotine. That’s all.
  • We prefer if you don't chain smoke just before you arrive at the clinic.  Just smoke like you would normally do. You don’t have to quit before you arrive at the clinic.
  • Please get a new toothbrush.  After the laser treatment you will be smoke free and will no longer use nicotine. Your old toothbrush is full of smoking related chemicals and addictive substance. Discard it.
  • Personally, for a full year before I quit smoking, I smoked another brand that I disliked (“Gauloise” French brown tobacco) and smoked only to satiate my craving, not out of habit. By making a mindful decision to stop automatic consumption of tobacco triggered by habits you develop better control and understanding of your nicotine needs.  
  • Smoking is also about habits.  If you would like to start training your brain to react differently to patterns/routines, try any of those following Neuroplasticity sensorial/motoric exercises.  It can make it easier when the time comes for you to break a habit.  Your brain can learn to be more flexible in adapting into a new lifestyle, like being smoke free.

What to expect?

  • Yes, it is painless. We use a cold laser. It is non-invasive and there is no adverse side effect.
  • Yes, you quit the same day you come to the clinic to quit. After we apply the auricular laser detox therapy your body will normalize the production of natural Endorphins and instantly neutralize craving and withdrawal symptoms like irritably, anxiety, depression, obsession that you may experience when you quit without laser therapy.
  • Yes, the treatment includes appetite control to help control not gaining too much weight. 
  • Yes, the treatment helps to facilitate the detoxification of the body of tobacco product toxins.
  • Yes, we provide you with a one month follow up warranty to support you with extra laser treatment, if needed.