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USA Quit Smoking & Vaping, since 2005


We have recollected some reviews for you to hear about real people experience

Devin D.

Julie is awesome. I'm 8 months smoke free thanks to her!


Julie R.

I am 36 days smoke free today after 44 years. No doubt this treatment helped


Maria M.
I am super glad I found Julie Lavoie! Quitting is a process for sure! Her positivity and walk-through of what to expect were thorough. Julie is professional. She takes the time to get to know you and definitely takes time coaching and providing pathways to a "clean" lifestyle. She absolutely takes a personal interest in her clients' outcomes. I have been vape free for 5 days and actually want to continue this journey. Although I find myself looking for my stick and have some cravings, I am super proud of myself. I highly recommend her cessation program for both smoking/vaping. You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Thanks, Julie!

Wally G.
Julie is amazing, I can proudly say that I'm smoke-free for 3 months.
I highly recommend her services.
The way she explains why we craving cigarettes, And how to overcome those cravings, really makes you understand how your brain Tricks you.
Thank you very much Julie for helping me make the change!

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Paul W.
Going to USA Quit Smoking was the best thing I ever done for myself. I really couldn't believe that there is no cravings what so ever. Julie is amazing.. I tell everyone about it. I had the laser treatment 12 days ago and have no regrets.. now I can enjoy my smoke free life.

Victoria & Jake
Julie is awesome! I am so thankful to her and this treatment. Today I am celebrating 3 years since I quit smoking thanks to this laser therapy. This is the most amazing thing- no Cravings, no withdrawal, no headaches, no weight gain... it was 100% positive experience and well worth the money.

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