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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to support your patients who use nicotine.

Did you know that in South Florida, there is a Smoking Cessation Clinic offering a quit nicotine treatment provided in one session where the nicotine user stops immediately with no delay or downtime?

At USA Quit Smoking & Vaping, we have been helping thousands of smokers and, more recently, vapers to quit  with Laser Auriculotherapy (Ear points). We provide a turnkey approach that effectively addresses all aspects compelling the nicotine user to compulsively return to it, even against their will. It is completely non invasive and pain free with no adverse side effect know.

Laser Auriculotherapy is a non-invasive holistic approach that may neutralize the hyperactive nicotine receptors in the brain and reset the ability to produce natural endorphins again. It takes only about 1.5 hours for a complete session that includes consultation, personalized coaching, and laser treatment covering cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and appetite control, if needed. For a more rapid service, it may take only 30 minutes or less for the laser treatment alone. We are mobile and can even perform this session at any location.

Combined with our personalized coaching, this approach makes the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle much more manageable. We provide easy-to-apply tools that truly make a huge difference in our success rate. The Cold Laser treatment takes effect right away and does not expire as long as nicotine is not reintroduced into the body. Most patients feel the relaxing and calming effect right after the treatment, as their ability to naturally regulate their feelings is re-established. For some smokers who started smoking as children (before age 25), they may never have experienced their natural state as adults without the interference of tobacco products. They are very grateful to quit and to feel how they should have felt all along. Nicotine had disrupted their well-being for so long that they had no idea what it felt like to be smoke-free with a restored and reset ability to naturally adjust their emotions.

Laser Auriculotherapy works immediately and is effective more than 75% of the time. The program includes a consultation, personalized coaching, a laser protocol for nicotine and withdrawal symptoms (irritability, anxiety, depression, or obsession), appetite control (if needed), and a one-month follow-up warranty to support quitters in avoiding relapse and understanding how to embrace changes. For only $250, our program includes a one-month follow-up warranty as long as participants remain nicotine-free. A relapse session costs $150.

I invite you to contact us at (561) 601-2128, visit our website at, or email us at Nicotine quitters can visit our clinic located in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, or we can come to a location of their choice, including your clinic.

Our mission is to convert the world to be nicotine-free, one patient at a time. We will go above and beyond as long as the smoker, vaper, or nicotine user is ready and willing to quit. You can set an appointment with me, Julie Lavoie, at (561) 601-2128, in person or on Zoom to discuss all your questions.


My Story

I am Julie Lavoie, a Tobacco Treatment Specialist certified in Canada as a Naturopath and Tobaccologist, working since 2005 in smoking cessation. The treatment protocol I use has been patented in Canada and is highly effective. I moved to Monroe County, where the Health Department hired me to conduct smoking cessation classes and provide Laser Treatment as a quitting method, which was requested by many patients. Now, I operate in Palm Beach County and offer our services throughout South Florida.


6101 Winston Trails Blvd, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33463


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Julie Lavoie, Owner and Therapist

I'm always looking forward to working with you to help with this addiction that may interfere with your capacity to deliver the care you want to your patients. Let's connect.
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